Blog - Diary of a care home worker

Diary of a care worker - Life in a care home

Blog from a Wellbeing coordinator

Every morning, I start work by planning and preparing for the day's activities.  I check the diary, complete all the necessary forms e.g. risk assessments for mobility and choke risk etc for the residents going out on the trip or involved in the activity planned. I check that we have all the right equipment in place, including mobile phones, continence aids and things like thickening agents and liaise with the kitchen for any specialist meals to be prepared. Half an hour in and I go onto a unit and assist residents with their breakfast, this is generally a one to one activity. Read more

Diary - A day in the life of a Unit Manager

No day ever seems to be the same as a Unit Manager. Many people believe that every day is the same; you do the same things day in day out however this is definitely not the case. Many people believe that care is a dead end job; however it’s the most rewarding job you could ever do. Knowing you promoting the independence and well-being of an individual in your care makes the job worthwhile. Yes you are responsible for the residents in your care, but there are always those little moments that mean the most, where you sit back at the end of the day and reflect and truly believe you have done something amazingRead more

Diary of a Registered Nurse

Driving to work one morning I was planning the day ahead as a registered nurse and what priorities might lie ahead.  On my arrival I was met by the relative of a resident who had been admitted into hospital during the night. They were crying and hysterical at times saying that the doctors wanted to remove their mother’s leg. Read more

Diary of a Care Home Worker

Blog from a Deputy Care Home Manager

Just another Tuesday, or so I thought. Planning my day as I head to work: hairdressers  are coming in, I need to catch up with the well being team, check the training schedule, shift cover for the next week and Heads of Department meeting, if I have time I will squeeze in the medication audit, something less for tomorrow. Read more