Care England Conference & Exhibition 2014

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National newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky will present the programme from the national news studios at ITN and the aim of the initiative is to gain more understanding of the key issues facing the sector, and gather more support for vital changes and funding required from the government. 

The new body will be able to make better use of resources, improve services and increase the impact when lobbying the government in what is set to be a huge year. The needs for services around care are increasing, and there are significant problems around how we fund care. The programme will challenge perceptions of the sector, and with that celebrate the success of innovative organisations and inspirational care workers who deserve recognition on such a platform.

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Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive, Care England said, “I’m delighted that ITN and Care England have formed this partnership as it’s an opportunity to redress the balance and get positive messages out there. This will help us put forward those key messages, not only to the people that work in care, but to those in general society.