Digital and Information Governance

Online scammers - research document
Last updated 26 January 2021
Care England put together a document which gives advice to members on how to spot email scams and fake websites following the Government warning of increased online scammers.
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Digital and data-driven health and care technology - guidance 
Published 5 September 2018 | Last updated 19 January 2021 — see all updates
A guide to good practice for the use of digital technology in health and care.

Information Governance (IG) is all about how to manage and share information appropriately. This portal will bring together national guidance on information governance - with the aim of ensuring IG guidance is clear and consistent for those working in health and care organisations, so they are empowered to use and share information appropriately to support care. 

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Look out for scam emails
While coronavirus has led to big changes in the way that we live and work, cyber criminals have seen this as an opportunity. In emails and on the phone, they may claim to have a 'cure' for the virus or offer financial rewards. Like many scams, these criminals are preying on real-world concerns to try and trick you into interacting. They may also mimic real NHS and government messages. Digital Social Care have heard reports from care providers that they are getting phishing emails and calls from criminals pretending to be contacting them about the Covid-19 vaccine. Digital Social Care has published a useful article on this subject. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has also provided advice to help you identify phishing attacks and what to do if you are a victim of crime.

Data Security and Protection Toolkit: updated for social care providers 01.12.2020
Adult social care providers now have access to an updated tool to check if they are practising good data security and handling personal information correctly.

New social care standards to support personalised care 17.11.2020
New national standards have been introduced to integrate key health and social care information. This will ensure that services can work better together to provide more personalised care.

Sharing Care Records via Email
Email is a useful tool for communicating and is excellent for sharing information day to day. But we should be careful about using it to share sensitive information. It can be relatively easy for unwanted people to intercept and access the emails that we send, even when we use strong passwords.

Staff Guidance 
Documents have been created to support you and your staff understand their responsibilities in the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Ransomware Attacks – what they are and how to combat them 03.11.2020
There is an increasing wave of ransomware attacks happening against healthcare companies in the US and also increasing reports of this in UK businesses. Digital Social Care has drafted guidance on what ransomware is and what to do if your organisation experiences a ransomware attack.

Internet connection deals for care homes; NHSX
As a care provider you may need to improve your internet connection to use technology more during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.