Membership Information

If you do not have any beds/service users please contact

Benefits and Calculate membership

As well as working to benefit the sector, Care England also looks to provide practical advice on the successful day to day running of care services and provide real cost savings for its members. These benefits include:

  • Representation at No.10
  • Connecting care providers with politicians at a local and national level
  • Responding to national consultations and representing the sector at policy development and implementation groups at a national level
  • Opportunity for members views to be expressed to senior MPs and at government/DH meetings to help advise/shape future strategy and planning etc
  • Regular information and policy updates in the monthly newsletter, Care Agenda
  • Daily press cuttings service highlighting the key stories of the day
  • End of year copy of Delivering for You - gives info on all the work carried out by Care England during that year
  • Up-to-date briefings on policy developments
  • Dedicated advice lines for legal, regulation, HR, crisis management, and fire regulation issues
  • Invitations to seminars and events
  • Discounted price for the annual Care England Conference & Exhibition
  • Opportunity to join a Specialist Learning Disability Group for providers of LD services
  • Free consultation and expert advice from Care England
  • Savings and discounts on products and services
  • Free use of our meeting room in London (subject to availability)
Members are strictly prohibited from distributing material it receives from Care England to any third-parties without prior consent from Care England. We reserve the right to terminate the membership of any member who does not conform to this rule and no refund will be made for any fees paid. Similarly, Care England will not distribute material received from members without obtaining their prior consent..

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