“I’ve had my flu jab” health and social care worker flu vaccination campaign delivered by Public Health England (PHE).

“I’ve had my flu jab” continues last year’s shield motif to emphasise the protective benefit of the flu vaccination and message “Protects You, Your family and patients from the flu, You can give the flu to your family and patients without having any symptoms. Protect those close to you.” to encourage the uptake of flu vaccinations by health and social care workers.

This year there are free print materials as well as digital resources to social care organisations, the materials will feature the CARE logo and will be part of a comms toolkit including posters, stickers and leaflets that can be ordered and social media and other resources that can be downloaded from the Health and Social Care Workers Flu Immunisation and used and adapted to suit local need.

There will be a range of digital resources available for download:

1. Comms toolkit including brand guidelines
2. HSCW presentation
3. Editable files
4. Social assets of the following health and social care workers for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:
• Doctor
• Nurse
• Mental Health Nurse
• Porter
• Paramedic
• Social Worker
• Community Health Worker
Case Studies
Screen Savers

The printed materials will be available to order using this order form –