CARE badge

Over a quarter of the UK population is either providing or receiving care outside of a hospital environment every day. We know the amazing work you do, often behind the scenes, in all weathers and with no regard for public holidays. But do others? It’s time to raise the public profile of social care and recognise the 9 million care workers and carers helping others across the UK today.

The CARE™ badge is a unifying symbol of pride in our social care champions; those providing, receiving and supporting care. It is a clear demonstration of your pride in the quality work you do and our appreciation for the care and support we receive. It is long overdue recognition for the 2 million people employed in care outside the NHS, as well as the 7 million more unpaid carers across the UK.

We hope that you will wear your CARE badge with pride.  For more information about the badge and how to order please visit