Care England's Care Planning Tool

This practical tool enables the creation of a recorded, person-centred care plan, which will provide evidence of consideration of the MCA key lines of enquiry that are pursued in all inspections of services for people aged 16 or over. In particular it ensures that decision-makers understand the legal framework of the MCA, and that care interventions are planned and delivered within an embedded search for the least restrictive option that will meet an identified need.
There is relevant information which will enable accurate, person-centred care planning within the empowering ethos of the MCA.

Outcomes of using this care planning tool

  • Peoples’ wishes and feelings are at the centre of care provided, whether the person has capacity to make their own decisions or not. Their life history, their culture and values, are highlighted as central to all decision-making.
  • Any restrictions on a person’s freedom or autonomy are founded in the search for the least restrictive option: people have as much freedom as possible.
  • Risks are identified from a positive standpoint: how can this person’s right to live how they wish be promoted while ensuring they are as safe as possible.
  • Staff have the confidence to rise to the challenge of learning more about how to enhance the experiences of individuals.
  • Relatives and friends are consulted appropriately so that their knowledge of the person and their wishes are used
  • Staff are protected from liability if the person lacks the mental capacity to consent to their actions.
  • Good recording encourages good practice by demonstrating that the person is at the heart of justifiable decision-making

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The Care Planning Tool is available for Care England members free of charge (request it by sending email to or call 020 74892 4840)

Non - Care England members can purchase the Care Planning Tool for £40. (please send request to or call 020 7492 4840)