Diary - A day in the life of a Unit Manager

No day ever seems to be the same as a Unit Manager. Many people believe that every day is the same; you do the same things day in day out however this is definitely not the case. Many people believe that care is a dead end job; however it’s the most rewarding job you could ever do. Knowing you promoting the independence and well-being of an individual in your care makes the job worthwhile. Yes you are responsible for the residents in your care, but there are always those little moments that mean the most, where you sit back at the end of the day and reflect and truly believe you have done something amazing.

Every day seems to start the same; you receive your handover and set yourself up for the day. You ensure that all residents have some form of breakfast, whatever they would like and ensure that you can give them that. You have some residents that have the same routine every day and some that like to have a change. You check the diary and see how your day needs to be planned out. You deal with district nurses coming and going and answer the many different phone calls you that receive.

On one particular day one of my residents was distressed looking for her son. No matter what was said to her she continued to become agitated and more verbally unsettled. She then started to distress others on the unit. After trying all techniques, the service users continued to become distressed and I asked her if she would like to phone her son. This may seem a little thing to most people, but to her it meant the world. She chatted about her days when she used to take him to school and the meals she used to cook for him when he was little.  After around 30 minutes of chatting she finished her conversation. For the remainder of the day, she was singing and dancing and knowing how that little thing had changed her complete day and outlook that day, makes the job worthwhile.