Diary of a Registered Nurse

Driving to work one morning I was planning the day ahead as a registered nurse and what priorities might lie ahead.  On my arrival I was met by the relative of a resident who had been admitted into hospital during the night. They were crying and hysterical at times saying that the doctors wanted to remove their mother’s leg.

The resident did have a large haematoma to her left leg which was at this stage being debrided and was being managed by myself and the tissue viability team.  An agency nurse had seen the wound, called the doctor who felt that it cold be gangrenous and sent her to hospital.

I sat with the resident’s daughter, gave her lots of support and reassurance and explained that once the swabs had been taken and the results had come back there would be no reason to remove the leg.  The daughter was so grateful for the detailed explanation given to her and left the home calmer.

Two days later the daughter and son turned up with the resident in the car stating “you were right, there is no evidence of any infection or gangrene so we have brought Mum back to you”.

Over the next few months our resident had regular dressing changes and weekly photographs showed that the wound had begun to heal.  Not only did this reassure the resident but also the family who were so grateful.

The resident in question is now mobilising again after four months and the would has nearly healed.  I do feel that this would not have been the case if the hospital had not been challenged by the home with daily calls and requesting swabs.

I go into work each morning and see that smiling face walking, yes walking, up the corridor with her arms out waiting for her first hug of the day.  With two legs you wouldn’t’ get that any where else, but you do in our home.