Free cycling and video for 3 months with Motiview

During this challenging time, the risk of inactivity is significantly higher, especially for older people. Using specially adapted exercise bikes or floor pedals, video and sound, Motiview can prove a source of inspiration and escapism by allowing care home residents to take cycle trips through familiar surroundings and evoke memories. 

For the benefit of residents, Motitech is now offering Motiview free of charge for 3 months to all care facilities that want to use it. All you need to get going is a TV screen, a laptop, and some simple floor pedals or other exercise equipment. Care England is also supporting this initiative. 

See the benefits of Motiview
We know that many care professionals would like to facilitate more physical activity for residents in care facilities, and the current situation does not make this any easier. People and facilities using Motiview also report significant cognitive and mental benefits (e.g. reminiscence, inspiration, excitement), as well as improved social connectedness, for example telling stories based on what they see. 

 To learn just how beneficial Motiview can be in helping to improve the general quality of life, please take a look at this video.  We hope that this special offer will help you get going with a low barrier initiative that can boost physical activity without the need for going outdoors. 

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