Freeze dried food offers solution for winter

A freeze dried food specialist is highlighting the benefits of its ease-of-storage ingredients and meals as winter comes racing in.

Fuel Your Preparation – whose ingredients and meals come with a shelf life of up to 25 years in tins or seven years in pouches – is already supplying a number of public services across the UK as they seek to solve the issue of consistency of food in emergency situations.

Now the benefits of its nutritional and ease of storage and cooking by just adding water are being highlighted to care services, ahead of potential winter incidents such as floods, storms or power cuts.

Atiyya Tailor, of Fuel Your Preparation, said: “The uncertainty presented by the current pandemic, coupled with the threat of local lockdowns and the emerging warnings being issued around Brexit make freeze dried food a solution for emergency situations.

“For the emergency and care services, whether working through the pandemic or unknown future emergencies, there is an increasing need for supplies of food which is nutritious, easy to store and simple to prepare.

“We are at a critical time for the emergency services with the pandemic and the onset of winter and all that brings. The NHS and care homes are under pressure, other services are stretched. Staff need to know a good hot meal is ready – just by adding boiling water.”

Freeze dried meals can provide instant nutrition in emergency situations such as floods, fires or power cuts. The Fuel Your Preparation pouches are stable at room temperatures for up to seven years and can be quickly rehydrated by adding water.

Fuel Your Preparation supplies for a range of organisations to help with contingency planning including care homes, emergency services, oil and gas installations and prisons. Its freeze dried food is ideal for emergency scenarios from power cuts, floods, mountain rescues and major incident planning across high risk sites such as nuclear installations.”

The meal range from Fuel Your Preparation in tins and pouch formats includes chicken tikka with rice, pasta bolognese, beef stew, spicy pasta arrabiata, five bean cassoulet, chocolate mousse and rice pudding. Ingredients and staple items come in tins and also includes diced chicken and minced beef. The range also provides Halal, vegan and vegetarian options.

Fuel Your Preparation freeze dried foods contain carbohydrates and protein, are easy to prepare by adding water. Freeze dried ingredients are produced by removing the water from the original product and retaining the nutrition and taste. The full range of Fuel Your Preparation products can be found on the website.

Notes to Editors:
Fuel Your Preparation is a trading company of European Freeze Dry, and supplies freeze dried food and ingredients through the UK and Europe with a shelf life of 25 years for tinned food and seven years in pouches from its factories in Preston, UK and Kirke Hyllinge, Denmark.