Information Governance - Introduction 

This information has been written by Care Providers for Care Providers, in collaboration with the Social Care Programme in NHS Digital, and offers guidance on safe information sharing generally and the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (due to be launched in April 2018) in particular.

When we talk about information sharing or data protection it is important to bear in mind that this is not just about digital information but also paper records and verbal information.

There are numerous changes which have caused there to be a greater emphasis on demonstrating safe information sharing, not least the update to the CQC KLOEs in November 2017. The KLOEs mention information sharing and complying with national legislation specifically.

Furthermore, 2018 will see the biggest development in data protection law since the Data Protection Act 1998 when the Data Protection Act 2018 will be enacted, aligning us with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). This is a fantastic opportunity for our sector as the changes it brings reaffirms the rights of those individuals whom we support and encourages us to show greater transparency and accountability to our service users. Nonetheless, it does require a good look at our governance processes and record keeping.

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