Marr Procurement celebrates 5 years as Care Sector Procurement Specialists

On the 3rd February Marr Procurement Ltd will have been delivering real, audited savings for 5 years in the Care Sector.

Owner and founder of the company, Christoph Marr, started the company because he couldn’t find a procurement partner which truly understood the care sector, shared his values of integrity and had an experienced team.

So, he started Marr Procurement, recruiting a team of highly talented financial, commercial and procurement professionals who were as passionate as he is about working with clients to reduce operating costs in a spirit of openness, fairness and with integrity.

That was 5 years ago. Marr Procurement works across the health and care sector and has worked with organisations like Virgin Care, Care UK, The Salvation Army, The Practice Group, Anchor Trust, Yeovil NHS Trust and has worked with 40 housing associations, health and care groups over the 5 years. Read more