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Bryant Medical is a leading U.K. based medical company, providing ‘plug and play’ medi-cal grade air filtration for use within your facility.

Within Care and residential facilities, a lot of time is spent disinfecting and sterilising the surfaces and equipment used. However, the air we breathe has the potential to cause harm to staff residents and visitors alike. MedicAir has been designed by a team of medi-cal air purification specialists to ensure your facility has the safest indoor environment possible.

Indoor air quality is up to five times worse than outdoor air quality. It is important to address this health risk. With MedicAir, you can be confident your staff and residents are protected from airborne viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as other harmful pollutants suspended within the air. Our unique purification pathway removes any odours from the air, without the need for chemical air fresheners which may be harmful to health.

For more information, please visit or call 01932 553023 and we look forward to working with you moving forwards.

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Mills & Reeve is a leading UK law firm ranked in the top tiers for health in Chambers & Partners and Legal 500.  

The increasing and shifting regulatory burden and an unforgiving media spotlight is making greater demands than ever on the health and social care market. With our years as a leader in the health and care industry and our cross sector expertise, our lawyers regularly advise care home providers and the regulator. This diversity of experience means we give powerful, pragmatic advice.

If you think we can help, then please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Jill Mason
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Working in partnership with Care England and its members, Mitigo offers care providers a high level of cyber and data security to protect you from loss of service user data, unlawful access to care planning data, financial fraud, service provision disruption and damage to your reputation.

Going beyond just technology, we assess the risk to your care service, make sure all sensitive data is secure, train your staff to be more cyber aware, and keep you secure and in control. All for a competitive fixed monthly cost. 

“Cyber crime is a real threat to the sector and Mitigo, our cyber security partner, can provide managed affordable protection to care providers to counter the threat of cybercrime. The cost and disruption, loss of data, reputational risk, financial theft and regulatory action can seriously damage the business of any care provider. 

"We are delighted to be working with Mitigo to provide specialist cybersecurity support to the care sector.” Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive, Care England

To learn more, click here, call 0161 88 33 623 or email  

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Nourish Care provides an electronic solution for care planning and daily care notes. The well-designed system allows care professionals to easily record at the point of care and log notes faster and more clearly. It eliminates the need for paper recording, making it safer and more efficient for carers when handling personal data. Designed with ease of use in mind, it’s simple interface makes it easy to navigate, and the platform is completely flexible, meaning Nourish can work with any kind of care provider and be tailored to their needs, from residential and dementia care to learning disabilities, hospitals, mental health support and more.

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Nutricia is the market-leading provider of medical nutrition products and services in the UK. They work closely with hospitals, care homes and GP practices to catch malnutrition early, supporting them in implemeting nutritional screening and educating carers on the importance of good nutrition. 

Procter & Gamble Professional™ is the Away-From-Home division of Procter & Gamble. We leverage P&G’s scale, trusted brands and consumer understanding to meet the business needs for multiple industries.

P&G Professional believes care establishments should feel just like home for residents, with products ensuring a high standard of cleanliness in all areas of a care home, from streak-free surfaces to fresh bed sheets.

First impressions and lasting experiences are critical and our brand names  - Ariel® Professional, Lenor® Professional, Fairy® Professional, Flash® Professional and Febreze® Professional - are your guarantee, and our professional systems are trusted, simple and effective.

Renee Buchanan

PainChek® is the world’s first pain assessment tool that has regulatory clearance in Australia and Europe, and is transforming pain management to help give a voice to those who cannot verbalise their pain, e.g. patients with dementia. 

PainChek’s vision is to be first to market with innovative pain assessment products and services that improve quality of life for people in pain. Using AI and facial recognition technology, PainChek® provides carers across multiple clinical areas with three important new clinical benefits:

  1. The ability to identify the presence of pain, when pain isn’t obvious
  2. To quantify the severity level of pain, when pain is obvious, and;
  3. To monitor the impact of treatment to optimise overall care

PainChek® is a secure smartphone or tablet based medical device that uses artificial intelligence and your input, to assess a person's level of pain. PainChek® provides a pain score in real time, which will help you gauge whether treatment is required.

Person Centred Software’s Mobile Care Monitoring is the most widely-used digital care system and most widely-referred software provider within social care.

Mobile Care Monitoring is the first fully mobile and easiest to use evidence of care system. Care homes using the icon-driven system evidence, on average, over 50 care notes per resident per day, which just isn’t possible on paper or many other systems.

The digital care system reduces time spent on paperwork with care interactions evidenced as they happen, achieving the company’s aim of giving staff more time to spend with residents, supporting regulatory compliance and improving the quality of care for residents.

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A truly holistic health and wellbeing programme is crucial for increasing staff happiness. At Personal Group, from the beginning our goal has always been to make work happy, for everyone. Why? Because when people are happy, they’re more productive, 12% more productive. 

We improve employees’ overall wellbeing by considering their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing – if an employee is suffering in one area it can often manifest itself elsewhere. We can help you acknowledge and support employees in each area, promoting true employee wellbeing. 

We also make it easier for employees to access your wellbeing services and drive usage with Hapi - our simple, powerful employee services platform and app. Hapi creates a single point of access to online GP consultations, their EAP, financial education, and access to fair value loans. 

And because it’s an app, your employees have everything they need – wherever they are, whenever they need it.

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Power Direct Ltd are an established business energy brokerage, delivering a range of services aimed at securing the best energy solution for customers. We’re also a company that offers the personal touch. You can choose services that range from simple gas and electricity procurement, to our full energy management service which includes energy procurement, invoice validation and managing siteworks. We’re confident we can adapt the specifics of our services to the precise requirements of your business. These services mean that energy should never cost your business administrative time, whilst you can be confident that the energy itself is only costing you what it should.






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