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Target Fund Managers is a specialist real estate investment firm in the UK healthcare sector offering tailored services to its client funds which invest in modern purpose build care homes complete with wet rooms, which we consider to be the appropriate facilities for care. To fulfil its investment manager role, the experienced team have been carefully selected and bring expertise in care homes, investing in real estate, and developing healthcare property and businesses.

With a track record of investment in the sector and many decades of operational knowledge, Target recognises the bespoke requirements of developers and operators and can assist with aspects such as funding for development; acquisition; at retrial, or refinancing.  Each investment case is treated on its own individual merit alongside a robust diligence process. Only well-designed and modern homes built to the highest calibre with ensuite wet rooms facilities, make it on to Target’s portfolio. Target is an Engaged Landlord, bringing sector expertise and best practice knowledge to its operating tenants supplemented by regular onsite property visits.

The careful selection of investment properties and partners along with post-acquisition ongoing tenant engagement is captured in Targets ethos ofInvesting in Care, Delivering returns.



The care home industry can be challenging and we want to help you to ensure that insurance doesn’t add to your list of challenges. So, we provide you with support and specialist cover, so you can concentrate on running your care home, or care service.

Towergate already administer over 3,000 policies for care homes across the UK, keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry to help you get the cover you and your business needs. With over 30 years’ experience in providing specialist insurance to the care home industry, we work with you to not only deliver expert insurance services, but also to support and advice you on how to reduce risk. This is especially important in the care home sector, as having robust risk management processes and procedures in place can ultimately drive down costs, as claims are minimised; influencing the premiums charged.

We are proud to support our partnership with Care England by offering new customers who are members of Care England a 10% discount*. This will be applied to gross written premium, before insurance premium tax and any customer service fee. *new customers who are claim and incident free for 3 years. All acceptance and cover is subject to insurers underwriting criteria. Full terms and conditions are available upon request.

Address: Towergate Insurance, Kings Court, London Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2GA

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Veritas Advisory is an established firm of taxation surveyors specialising in recovering the inherent or embedded capital allowances within care homes and commercial properties.

Inherent Capital Allowances represent a significant hidden asset and cash benefit for UK owners of care homes. They are a complicated and complex tax area which few owners have taken advantage of (it is estimated at around less than 20% despite assurances from their accountants) resulting in a considerable over payment of tax.

Our specialists work specifically with Care England members to enable them to secure these benefits.

Typically, the cash savings and recovery are

Care Home refurbishment and extension of    £1,000,000
Capital Allowances identified                                £600,000
Saving 45% income tax                                          £270,000
Saving 19% Corporation Tax                               £114,000

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Welltower is a real estate investment trust that has been at the forefront of senior living and health care real estate since the company was founded in 1970.

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