Success in Tomorrow’s World: Delivering Savings Sooner

Free webinar: Wednesday 4 November 2020 10:30 - 11.30

Registration is now open for this free webinar which forms part of the Care England 'Tomorrow's World' 2020 conference series. The webinar, hosted by Procurement expert Christoph Marr, will be of interest to everyone with purchasing responsibility in both large and small providers.

It will highlight in particular the opportunity which Procurement presents for care sector savings to cut costs, especially important now due to the occupancy gap and recession-related financial pressures.

What the webinar will cover
Following a brief to introduction to Marr Procurement, the webinar will cover some of the key challenges facing the care sector, including:
• Occupancy Gap & revenue
• Top tips for cutting costs on key areas of spend
• PPE Inflation and Infection Control

Practical tips on savings
The session will also offer practical tips on day to day savings in, for example:
• Consumables
• Food
• PPE & Equipment

Also covered will be advice on how to make long term savings by managing suppliers & contracts, and reviewing performance in:
• Insurance
• Agency Staffing
• Energy

How do I register?
To register please click here or for more information contact Matina Henchley, Chief Operating Officer, Marr Procurement on 07530 731902. (