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Fair Funding

Care England is committed to ensuring fair funding is established across the sector to ensure that care gives taxpayers value for money and empowers those in need of care, and their families, to make meaningful choices so they receive the right care across a variety of services including care homes, home care and supported living services.

Appropriate funding

Care England strives to ensure that funding is appropriate for adult social care providers to ensure the system promotes fairness for the individual, the taxpayer, the local authority and the NHS.

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Service Innovation

Fair funding will allow for innovation in service development; the adult social care sector is immensely diverse, and the needs of service users are best met by a variety of services and service settings. This ambition must be fostered to avoid inappropriate placements.

Appropriate investment

Ensuring the future sustainability of the social care sector market through appropriate investment is of fundamental importance for the sector itself, but also for England’s society and economy in broad terms. A mixed economy is, and will continue to be, the best means of ensuring that quality care is both maintained and increased.

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