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Professor Martin Green: Talking Digital - podcast

Professor Martin Green spoke with Liam Plamer from about his role as Chief Executive of Care England and also how technology could transform the landscape of care in the future. Please click here to listen the podcast. 

Two-hour crisis response services coming for all care homes

29 July 2021 blog by Ann Mackay MBE, Director of Policy, Care England 
In recent weeks we have set out our new vision We Care for England which calls on the Government to deliver a more co-ordinate health and care system, focused around the person.

So it’s welcome news that national guidance has just been issued to ensure that from April next year anyone over the age of 18 will have access to crisis response care within two hours in their place of residence if there is a sudden deterioration in their health and wellbeing. Click here to read more. 

Women’s Health Strategy 

10 June 2021 blog by Ann Mackay MBE, Director of Policy, Care England
There have been very few upsides to this pandemic, but enhanced collaboration and a renewed focus on tackling society’s social, economic and health inequalities has been one of them.

COVID-19 has made us all acutely aware how some sections of our increasingly complex and diverse population have been impacted more than others, from young carers, to black and minority ethnic communities, to those struggling to make ends meet. Common to all these groups is another, whose health, wellbeing and aspirations have been underserved – even misunderstood - for far too long: women. Click here to read more. 

Low Pay Commission Roundtable

12 May 2021
For too long, the Government has implemented wage rates without giving the requisite funding to support large swathes of the adult social care sector to implement them sustainably. This has been despite the Low Pay Commission often imploring the Government, in their yearly report, to consider the nuances of adult social care funding. 
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Restricting workforce movement between care homes and other care settings

8 April 2021
On 1 March 2021, guidance was published by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) which restricts workforce movement between care homes and other care settings. The guidance follows on from the consultation launched on 13 November 2020 on proposals to use regulation to restrict staff movement.  Click here to read more. 

The White Paper and Adult Social Care: Care England’s Initial Response

25 March 2021
This week, Care England submitted its response to the Health and Social Care Committee’s inquiry into the Health and Care White Paper. Similarly, we, too, wrote to Matt Hancock regarding its development. At this point, our submission and letter were primarily comprised of questions rather than answers. For, the White Paper’s future impact on the adult social care sector will be dependent on the detail which informs its practical implementation. In addition, we highlighted that the major deficit of the White Paper is that it fails to consider the financial sustainability of adult social care. Click here to read more. 

2021/22 fee developments

17 February 2021
Over the last weeks, Care England has continued its work on behalf of the adult social care sector concerning 21/22 fee rates, including:
• Writing to Ministers regarding the need for sustainable funding.
• Liaising with colleagues in local government.
• Press work to raise the difficulties being faced by the sector in the public arena.
• Writing to all Directors of Adult Social Services in England.
• Liaising with the DHSC, NHSE and CCGs regarding the future of CHC fees.
• Highlighting the impact of decreased occupancy rates on provider sustainability.

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