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Care England is hosting two webinars on Thursday 19 January, on the subject of the VAT-efficient provision of welfare services. Registration details are provided below.  The webinar is aimed at raising awareness of how care providers can restructure the provision of welfare services to enable VAT recovery on publicly funded contracts. We are in challenging financial times due to the central government funding of adult social care on top of the cost-of-living crisis nationally. Restructuring the provision of welfare services is a solution to recover input VAT for care providers on Local Authority and NHS-funded contracts, which would add to the bottom line and subsequently EBITDA.

Care England will be joined by Grant Thornton UK LLP who will be presenting the webinar, will provide an overview of the VAT opportunity and will answer any questions you may have. Grant Thornton has been working in collaboration with Care England to raise awareness of this opportunity for several years and has worked with a number of Care England members to implement the restructuring.

Not all local authorities and NHS bodies currently permit VAT recovery, however, close to 50% do, and as such we see a significant amount of additional funding which can be made available to your organisation to help offset some of the cost pressures providers are facing now.  We believe that increasing the number of requests from providers will support the argument for VAT recovery in all local authority and NHS areas.

We hope you will join this webinar and consider if this VAT opportunity is something your organisation would like to consider further.  This is not a sales opportunity, instead an opportunity to raise awareness, share knowledge and provide an update of the current regulatory landscape.  All materials will be shared after the session, to those who are interested, together with contact details for Nick Garside and Emma Lomas of Grant Thornton UK LLP.

Registration details

If you are from a LOCAL AUTHORITY or an NHS PARTNER, please register for your Webinar on Thursday 19 January, 12:00 – 1:00 CLICK HERE

If you are a CARE PROVIDER, please register for your Webinar, Thursday 19 January 2:00 – 3:00  CLICK HERE