Flu and Winter 2021-22

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Adult social care: coronavirus (COVID-19) winter plan 2021 to 2022 - policy paper
Published: 3 November 2021
The government's ambitions for the sector and the challenges facing adult social care this winter.

Letter to care colleagues from Gillian Keegan, Minister of State for Care and Mental Health, outlining what is in the plan. 
3 November 2021

‘Boosting your immunity’ - Winter Campaign 
Letter from Claire Armstrong, Director of Adult Social Care Delivery and Covid-19 Response outlining the measures that are in place to help support vaccination uptake this winter.
3 November 2021

Review of the adult social care COVID-19 winter plan 2020 to 2021 - Independent report
Published: 3 November 2021
The Social Care Sector COVID-19 Support Taskforce's independent review of the government's winter plan 2020 to 2021 for the adult social care sector in England.

Flu and Winter 

Health and social care worker flu vaccination campaign delivered by Public Health England (PHE). - 2021

Winter vaccinations communications toolkit
This communications toolkit is designed to support CARE communicators with running their own winter vaccinations campaign to encourage staff to get the flu vaccine and COVID-19 booster. Orders for the printed health and social care worker materials have been open on the Campaign Resource Centre. To order printed materials please click here.

Digital versions of assets are also now available for download with CARE assets available here. Assets include: 

  • A4 Posters
  • A4 empty belly posters
  • Campaign toolkit - including brand guidelines
  • Communications toolkit 

Flu immunisation for social care staffpromotional material

Leaflets for social care staff to support the annual flu programme available to download here. updated 09. September 2021

This short Care provider Alliance (CPA) briefing aims to support care managers, occupational health leads, team leaders and care service owners to maximise take up of the flu vaccine by their eligible staff.

It covers both residential and community-based services that are regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Unregulated services may also find the briefing valuable.
This briefing should be read alongside Public Health England’s guidance on the adult social care flu vaccination programme.
We will review and update this briefing throughout the course of the winter flu programme.
To read the full guidance, please see: CPA

National flu and COVID-19 surveillance reports: 2021 to 2022 season - Last updated 14 October 2021 — 

National influenza and COVID-19 report, monitoring COVID-19 activity, seasonal flu and other seasonal respiratory illnesses.

Weekly national flu and COVID-19 surveillance reports published 

Published 15 October 2020 | 16 September 2021, 
National influenza and COVID-19 report, monitoring coronavirus (COVID-19) activity, seasonal flu and other seasonal respiratory illnesses.

The flu vaccination: who should have it and why - 26 August 2021 - guidance 

This guide explains how you can help protect yourself and your children against flu this coming winter, and why it’s very important that people who are at increased risk from flu have their free vaccination every year.

Flu immunisation training recommendations - guidance Last updated 27 July 2021 — 
Guidance on flu immunisation training to support healthcare professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Public Health England (PHE) have examined the National Minimum Standards for Immunisation Training and consulted with experienced trainers. This document sets out recommendations for flu immunisation training for the 2020 to 2021 flu season. It describes what flu immunisers need to know and various ways in which they can obtain training. 

Covid-19 Winter Plan: Care England member briefing

Care England has produced a member briefing outlining and summarising the key points from the newly published COVID-19 Winter Plan. This can be found in the Member’s Area on the Care England website under the “Flu and winter 2020/21” tab. Care England members can request login details by sending email to info@careengland.org.uk 

The national influenza immunisation programme 2021 to 2022 - DHSC & PHE document - 17 July 2021