Care England Manifesto for the Independent Care Sector 2017

Meeting the Needs of a Twenty-First Century Society

This manifesto sets out a number of ways in which we feel that the new Government that can act to establish an outcomes based system of health and social care.  

The key tenets of the Manifesto for the Independent Care Sector are: 

  • The value of high quality independent care services needs to be understood by all politicians, not just service users and their families. 
  • Care services need to be properly funded and state funding should be at a sustainable level that meets the real costs of providing high quality care
  • Providers should be respected, treated fairly and have a voice in the strategic direction of social and health care services.
  • People need to have choice and the flexibility to select the care that best suits their requirements.
  • Independent care sector (ICS) staff should have appropriate training, fair pay and career structures in place.

Click here to download Care England Manifesto 2017