Introducing World Kinect Energy Services

We at World Kinect Energy Services are pleased to announce our new partnership with Care England.  

We have over 35 years’ experience providing worry-free energy solutions to businesses nationwide and across the globe. With our local team of energy experts, more than 140 care organisations across the UK already turn to us to help them buy better and buy smarter.

We have saved our customers £000s through our in-depth, no-obligation historic auditing, where we make sure you have the right energy agreement in place AND claim back any overcharges you may have had in the past.

Everything Energy

With our local teams and global expertise, we deliver Everything Energy, providing you with the ease of working with one trusted supplier.

Keeping the lights on and operations running within budget is essential in healthcare. At World Kinect Energy Services, we constantly support this through:

  • more than 65,000 businesses and 85,000 homes
  • across 200 countries and territories

managing over 200 TWh within our energy portfolio. 

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Care England Membership Offer

We know the last 18 months have been some of the most difficult for the care sector. We’d like to help by offering all Care England members a Free Comprehensive Utility Audit.

It’s simple & straightforward, our experts will perform the audit on your behalf and present you with the areas where savings could be made. We will also identify any historic billing inaccuracies that could entitle you to refunds. 

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