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The Outstanding Society was formed by a small group of providers who had at the time all recently achieved ‘Outstanding’ ratings following the introduction of the CQC inspection standard ratings in 2014. There was a general consensus between these groups that it would be beneficial to the adult social care sector if ‘Outstanding’ services were able to share their expertise with other providers, and support the driving up of quality across the whole of England.

What a whirlwind the past year has been. Due to the challenges that providers have faced and the incredible achievements that so many have celebrated we have made the decision to take the Outstanding Society (OS) to another level in 2021 and set it up as a Community Interest Company (CIC).

Zoe Fry and Russell Leese are Directors of the CIC and Alan Fry will be our Executive Assistant.

Zoe has owned Valerie Manor Nursing Home since 2008 and it became the first home in West Sussex to receive an Outstanding rating from the CQC and then again in 2017 receiving an Outstanding rating in 4 out of 5 of the KLOE’s including ‘safe’.

Russell has over 25 years of experience supporting people with Learning Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Conditions in a variety of settings including private residential and NHS services.
Russell has worked in senior management roles for 20 years and has been successful in consistently developing and providing high quality services as a Registered Manager and in various Senior Management roles and is now a Director for Horizon Healthcare Homes Ltd. 

Zoe and Russell have a passion to share innovation and best practice and are immensely proud to work in social care.
Our joint vision as directors is to give Outstanding Providers Free membership through the support of our sponsors and provide a platform for all providers to access topical information on our website alongside monthly newsletters, social media, and regular seminars. It will also be a platform to celebrate innovation and share best practice. Our sponsors will be able to add value to our members and providers of Social Care through their expertise in different fields, some examples of this will be tax specialists for R & D, insurance advice and staff wellbeing.

We also continue to have close relationships with Care England and Skills for Care. The OS members will help Skills for Care shape some of their most popular resources, including the Good and outstanding care range, as well as films showcasing outstanding care and contributions to popular seminars, webinars, blogs, and other tangible examples of how outstanding care is achieved. Our first films are being recorded in March and we will seek input from our OS members from April.

We are delighted that the OS will be writing monthly articles once again for Care Home Professional.
There are also opportunities for all providers to get involved in future webinars and benefit from the resources that will become available on our website and through our newsletter which will commence at the end of April.