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Seren Healthcare

Seren Healthcare

Seren Healthcare

Seren Healthcare was born out of the need to bridge the gap between the shortage of healthcare professionals in the UK Healthcare sector and the lack of work globally.

Based in the UK, South Africa and Zimbabwe, Seren Healthcare boasts a collective 60 years of experience in our chosen field.

To meet the expected post-Covid talent challenges across the Acute, Primary and Social Care sectors in the UK, Seren Healthcare identifies, engages, relocates, and sources nurses, carers, and healthcare professionals from the international market.

Seren Healthcare does not compete in the domestic market, potentially disrupting the supply of healthcare workers in the UK. We provide much needed qualified and experienced healthcare workers and nurses from overseas to support the UK healthcare sector.

Pastoral Care

Seren prides itself on its pastoral care as this enables a candidate to settle quicker into life in the UK, reducing attrition and enabling them to become more efficient at work as a result.

Pastoral Care has a large focus upon arrival and involves running through a checklist of immediate tasks – whether it be setting up a bank account, registering with doctors and dentists to getting a UK phone.



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