Utility Aid


Utility Aid: Finding Care England members the best energy deals

Utility Aid is the UK’s largest energy broker in the not-for-profit sector and we are delighted to be working with Care England to offer access to our expertise. As well as helping to secure new contracts at the lowest possible cost, we also provide a service to help you uncover overcharges through invoice validation. Through this service, we have recovered over £2 million for our clients in the last four years alone.

Find out more

Working with us could not be easier. Just click the link below and you will be taken to a unique page on our website. We’ve agreed a unique initial offering with Care England that will offer you the following: 

• A free invoice validation service.

• Access to our energy management portal and free training to make the most of the system.

• A free renewable and energy savings technology audit. 

When you get in touch with us, make sure you use the reference Care England. 

Phone: 0808 1788 170

Web: www.utility-aid.co.uk/contactform/CareEngland

Email: customercare@utility-aid.co.uk