Xledger UK

Xledger UK

Xledger UK is a leading global cloud finance solution provider. Through its powerful software and consultancy approach, it equips organisations with real-time data and insights so they can make critical business decisions that support the pace of their transformation and growth.

Xledger software is perfectly positioned to help organisations’ drive their ambitions: by automating up to 75% of financial processes, it allows finance teams to shift their focus from manual tasks to high-value outputs and, in turn, make more informative and meaningful business decisions.

As a highly configurable system, Xledger’s functionalities expand to meet multiple business requirements, such as long-term budgeting, in-system financial controls and approvals, user-defined dashboards and comprehensive reporting tools. Its unique hierarchy-based design and dimensional set-up allows for granular real-time consolidated reporting across entities and multiple dimensions, which can be tailored to different user groups and stakeholders. The hierarchy structure in Xledger also enables scaling organisations to seamlessly onboard new entities.

And whether it’s about identifying further areas of efficiencies or making the most of the system’s capabilities as needs evolve, Xledger’s accountancy-trained consultants offer support along the way with their technical and finance expertise.

Xledger, empowering ambition.

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