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The official UK Government website for data and insights on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Staff vaccine refusal/hesitancy - Care England resource document
Last updated 15 April 2021
This document aims to give members a list of sources that they can share with their employees who are hesitant to take the vaccine. It also provides links to articles about legal advice around mandatory vaccination and letting staff go due to refusal. The document is available for Care England members only and can be found under COVID-19 / Vaccine tab  Click here to login.  

Letter from Stuart Miller, DHSC’s Director for Adult Social Care Delivery, to Local Authority Chief Executives, Directors of Adult Social Services, older adult care home providers and older adult care home managers. - 14 April 2021
Consultation on making COVID-19 vaccination a condition of deployment in older adult care homes

Making vaccination a condition of deployment in older adult care homes - Open consultation 14 April 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination UpdateWritten Ministerial Statement made on 14 April 2021 by Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care 

Priority groups for phase 2 of the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme: advice from the JCVI - guidance 

Published 26 February 2021 | Last updated: 13 April 2021, 
Interim statement from the Joint Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation (JCVI) on the groups that should be prioritised for vaccination in phase 2 of the programme.

COVID-19 vaccination: care home and healthcare settings posters - Promotional material

Published 7 December 2020 | Last updated:12 April 2021, 
Information and promotional resources to support the coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme.

Letter from the Health and Social Care Secretary on use of the Moderna vaccine - 8 April 2021
Matt Hancock wrote to the JCVI in response to their advice on use of Moderna in the COVID-19 vaccination programme and recommended dosing intervals.

PHE monitoring of the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination - guidance 
Published 26 March 2021 | Last updated:8 April 2021, 
Data on the real-world efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting - Collection 
Published 7 April 2021
Guidance relating to the COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting.

A guide to phase 2 of the programme - leaflet
This leaflet explains phase 2 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, who is eligible and who needs to have the vaccine to protect them from Coronavirus.

COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting - guide
Information about your vaccination

Public Health England Briefing note 07 April 2021
National incident in response to reports of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia following vaccination with the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccination programme - collection Published 27 November 2020 | Last updated 8 April 2021, 
Documents relating to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination programme.

Vaccination of adult household contacts of severely immunosuppressed individuals alongside JCVI priority Cohort 6 and completion of Cohorts 1-9
Letter to all GPs and CCGs - 31 March 2021

JCVI Cohort 6 adult household contacts of adults with severe immunosuppression - Operational Guide - 31 March 2021

COVID-19 vaccine communication materials - videos  Vaccine information in community languages.

What should we do after the vaccine? - video
This video is aimed at everyone who has the COVID-19 vaccine to help them understand why it is important to continue to follow the hands, face, space and ventilate guidelines. 

Letter from the Health and Social Care Secretary on COVID-19 vaccination phase 1 advice - letter 11 March 2021

Matt Hancock wrote to the JCVI in response to their further advice on vaccination of homeless people and rough sleepers, prisoners and prison officers, and the extended dosing strategy.

Vaccinating social care workers - letter 5 March 2021

Letter from Helen Whately, Minster for Social Care and Sir David Pearson, Chair, Social Care Sector Covid-19 Taskforce regarding data monitoring for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Care England Covid-19 vaccination questions sent to DHSC - updated 8 March 2021
The document is available for Care England members only and can be found under COVID-19 Vaccine. Click here to login.  

DHSC - Please click here to download the latest Covid-19 vaccines Q&A, 5 March 2020 (will be updated regularly)

DHSC Google Drive which continues to be updated daily with social media content they can share on their channels. It includes:

Advice on COVID-19 vaccination in people with learning disabilities from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI). - letters 

Letter from Professor Wei Shen Lim, Chair (Covid-19) Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation to Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health - 23 February 2021

Response Letter from the Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP to Professor Wei Shen Lim - 23 February 2021

COVID-19 vaccination: easy-read consent form for adults - Form 
Published 20 February 2021
Easy-read COVID-19 vaccination consent form for adults who are able to consent.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination statistics, plans and documentation - Collection 
Published 19 February 2021
This page brings together COVID-19 vaccination programme-related documents published by DHSC, and vaccination statistics published by other bodies within the UK.

COVID 19 VACCINATION TOOLKIT - Anthony Collins Solicitors
The purpose of this toolkit is to equip employers to do the following; keep employees and end users safe during the ongoing pandemic, avoid any potential claims through enforced
vaccinations and provide a workable and lawful system in place for future employee recruitment.

Information about the covid vaccine: For people with a learning disability and autistic people - YouTube video

Social media cards 

Card 1 - People with a learning disability who have the most support needs (sometimes called having a severe and profound learning disability), are in group 6 to get the coronavirus vaccine. If you think this is you or someone you support get in touch with their GP now about getting a vaccine.  Watch this short film about how important it is to have the vaccine and what you should do after you’ve had the vaccine  

Card 2 - People with a learning disability who have the most support needs (sometimes called having a severe and profound learning disability) should have this recorded on their GP learning disability register. If you’re not sure if someone’s GP surgery knows they have a severe and profound learning disability you can check with the GP surgery. Watch this short video about how the learning disability register can support you to get good care -

Card 3 - If you are over 70 or have health conditions that make you more likely to get very unwell from coronavirus (sometimes called being clinically extremely vulnerable), you should already have been contacted by the NHS to have your coronavirus vaccine. If you haven’t been contacted by the NHS about the vaccine you should get in touch with your GP. 

Card 4Your GP (family doctor) should offer you an Annual Health Check at the same time as your coronavirus vaccine. They should also book you for your flu vaccination (jab). You can ask your GP surgery about your Annual Health Check and your flu jab when you contact them. Watch this film about Annual Health Checks 

Card 5 When you book your coronavirus vaccine, you should tell the person on the phone what reasonable adjustments you need. You can ask someone to support you to do this. Reasonable adjustments include things like easy read information, extra time for your appointment, or a quiet place to wait. Watch this video about reasonable adjustments -

Vaccination of JCVI cohorts 5-6 and additional funding for vaccination in residential settings - NHS England letter 13 February 2021

COVID-19 vaccination uptake plan - guidance
Published 13 February 2021
Sets out the government's approach to making sure that as many people as possible take up the offer of vaccination.

COVID-19: the green book, chapter 14a - guidance Published 27 November 2020 | Last updated 12 February 2021 — see all updates
Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination information for public health professionals. New guidance update on the green book chapter on COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccinating frontline social care workers - letter and guidance NHS England Published 14 January 2021 | Last updated 11 February 2021

Letter from Stuart Miller, Director of Adult Social Care Delivery DHSC and Sir David Pearson, Chair, Social Care Sector Covid-19 Taskforce - to Employers and their Staff in Adult Social Care - 10 February 2021
Supporting frontline social care workers to receive their Covid-19 Vaccination. 

Local Authority Points of Contact to support Covid-19 Vaccination for frontline social care workers 

Book or manage your coronavirus vaccination 
Use this service to book a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination or manage your appointments.

Letter from Sir David Pearson (Chair- Social Care Sector, COVID-19 Support Task Force) about the COVID-19 Vaccination of Social Care Workers – the next stage. 01 February 2021

Care home vaccination follow-ups - news story Published 1 February 2021
How to contact us if your care home in England with older residents has not yet been offered the COVID-19 vaccine.

Standard operating procedure: COVID-19 local vaccination services deployment in community settings - NHSE guidance 
Published 10 December 2020 | Last updated 27 January 2021
This standard operating procedure describes the operating model and design requirements for safe delivery of COVID-19 vaccines in the community.

COVID-19 Vaccination in Older Adult Care Homes thank you and next steps by 31 January - NHSE letter 27 January 2021
PCN-led vaccination teams have made major progress vaccinating residents and staff in older adult care homes to deliver the target of completing all vaccinations possible in older adult care home settings by the end of this week. 

Explainer: COVID-19 Vaccination - The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) January 2021
The purpose of this briefing is to set the context for the COVID-19 vaccination roll out, explore the key challenges and obstacles to large scale roll out as well as the critical role and contributions DsPH and local authorities can make.   

UK COVID-19 vaccines delivery plan - Policy paper 
Published 11 January 2021 | Last updated 13 January 2021 — see all updates
How the UK government was able to build up a supply of vaccines and how it is planning to deploy them.

COVID-19 Vaccination webinar for JCVI Cohort 2 - Frontline Social Care Workers - 12th January
Care England attended the ‘COVID-19 Vaccination webinar for JCVI Cohort 2 - Frontline Social Care Workers,’ webinar on 12th January. The webinar was produced to help prepare providers in the second cohort, homecare etc., for the vaccine rollout. The session aimed to create an understanding of SOP, standing operating procedure, for vaccines and the rollout. The summary from the webinar is available for Care England members. Click here to login.

Instruction on timing of second dose of COVID-19 vaccinations - Letter 12 January 2021
Letter from Emily Lawson, Dr Nikita Kanani and Professor Stephen Powis.

Coronavirus vaccine scams warning - News 7 January 2021
Action Fraud is warning the public to remain vigilant as criminals begin to take advantage of the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine to commit fraud.

University of Bristol
The Covid-19 vaccine communication handbook 7 January 2021
Global experts urge everyone to talk about COVID-19 vaccines responsibly 7 January 2021

Preparing for Vaccination in Care Homes for older adults - webinar 7th January 2021
Care England attended the ‘Preparing for Vaccination in Care Homes for older adults,’ webinar on 7th January. The webinar was produced to help prepare providers and other stakeholders for the vaccine rollout. The summary from the webinar is available for Care England members. Click here to login. 

Priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: advice from the JCVI, 30 December 2020 - Independent report
Published 30 December 2020 | Last updated 6 January 2021 — see all updates
Advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) on the groups that should be prioritised for vaccination.

Prioritising the first COVID-19 vaccine dose: JCVI statement - Independent report Published 6 January 2021

Guidance for COVID-19 vaccination in care homes that have cases and outbreaks - Briefing 31 December 2020, Version 1

Care home vaccination mobilisationSupport pack and checklist Version 1, 22.12.2020

Care England Covid-19 vaccination questions sent to DHSC - (please note this document is for Care England members only and can be found at COVID-19 (VACCINE) members page  - updated 17.12.2020

Novel coronavirus (COVID19) standard operating procedure - COVID-19 vaccine deployment programme Hospital hub: care home staff - Version 1, 6 December 2020
This standard operating procedure (SOP) describes the process hospital hub providers and care home providers should follow in identifying priority staff, providing them with information, scheduling, administering and capturing data in order to safely provide Covid-19 vaccination to them.

Covid-19 Vaccine - PHE vaccination centre - resources Public Health England 
PHE’s Campaign Resource Centre where you will find our marketing materials encouraging social care workers to get the vaccine. These include downloadable posters for you to use, and social media assets. Materials will continue to be added to the Resource Centre as and when they are ready for you to download. 

COVID-19 vaccination publications - A guide for use - Public Health England | First phase December 2020

Hospitals to start biggest ever NHS Vaccination Programme this week - news 06.12.2020
The NHS will begin vaccinating patients against coronavirus at dozens of hospital hubs from this week at the start of the biggest immunisation programme in history.

COVID-19 vaccinations and care homes: programme launch - correspondence 04.12.2020
A letter from the Minister for Care to local authorities, directors of adult social services and managers of care homes for older adults.

Priority groups for coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination: advice from the JCVI, 2 December 2020 - independent report 03.12.2020
Advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) on the groups that should be prioritised for vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccination programme 2020/21 – next steps - letter 01.12.2020

COVID-19 Vaccination e-learning programme now live 01.12.2020
Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare has worked in partnership with Public Health England and NHS England and NHS Improvement to develop the COVID-19 Vaccination e-learning programme. The e-learning programme is designed to provide the health and care workforce involved in the national COVID-19 vaccination programme with the knowledge they need to confidently promote high uptake of the vaccine and deliver the vaccine programme effectively.

For more information about the COVID-19 Vaccination programme, including details on how to access, visit the e-LfH website.

COVID-19 vaccination programme 2020/21 - letter 24.11.2020 Outcome of General Practice Site Designation Process and next steps.

NHS England has written to system leaders on the COVID-19 vaccination deployment strategy and operational readiness - letter 20.11.2020