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Our community includes organisations of varying types and sizes, amongst them single care homes, small local groups, national providers and not-for-profit voluntary organisations and associations

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As a representative body, Care England gives its members help and advice on the successful day-to-day running of care services with regular information, policy updates, specialist groups and discounts.

A membership with Care England will provide you with the opportunity to connect with you with our community of care providers, receive expert advice and have your voice heard. We are here to help, listen and act on your behalf.

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Nourish Care is visiting care home managers, community teams, those drawing on care and their families to capture the human stories that make up the circle of care. The Better...

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In ITV’s latest Tonight Programme, Care England revealed the extent of the social care crisis in local authorities, where underfunding from central government has compromised their ability to adequately fund...

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It’s widely recognised that the social sector continues to face challenges around funding, demand and staff retention. But all the while, providers work tirelessly to continue meeting compliance regulations. As...

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In response to today’s announcement from the Department for Work and Pensions, Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England says: “Today’s announcement of new ‘skills boot camps’ to...

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Today, the Women and Equalities Committee (WEC) published a report calling on the Government to investigate why eligible people are not on the learning disability register. People with a learning disability...

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As we are all aware, deaths do unfortunately occur in social care settings and instances arise when social care providers are required to participate in the Coronial process and attend...

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