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6. Where now for NHSX – Failing fast?

22 October 2020
People who have heard me speak will know how complimentary I have been about NHSX – how it has taken up the cudgel and run with it – providing leadership in a time of such accelerated transformation. So what is it doing well and what are the ways it could get even better?

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5. Communications: Lessons from the pandemic?

24 September 2020
A fascinating report has just been released by Future Care Capital (FCC) and Ipsos MORI on the use of social media analysis by frontline workers during the first wave of the pandemic (search #CovidConversations). It reveals their challenges and concerns and set me thinking about how communications have developed over Covid times.

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4. Digital Transformation in care - Briefing

25 June 2020
Intro - I thought it was time to put forward some general thoughts on digital transformation in care, to set down some of the issues to follow up in future blogs. To state the obvious, digital transformation has to focus on the issues we need to solve. So what is the main issue? For me it all comes down to data – data to promote better quality of life, data to link systems, data to aid productivity. It then follows naturally that the major factor in the digital transformation of social care will be the push to integrate care and health via digital platforms. Click here to read full briefing.

3. Digital Transformation in Care _ A leap of faith or a considered agent for value creation?

3 June 2020
To embrace the power of digital transformation in care needs a blind leap of faith … or does it?
For many years now it has been clear that digital innovation creates value in two main areas, as Martin Green CEO of Care England says: “technology can improve the quality of life and outcomes for people and improve productivity … [It] can be used to create a real-time picture of service quality so that [there is] a … clear audit trail on … quality outcomes …”. Click here to read more.

2. Data in the Time of Pandemic

13 May 2020
Data collection has become a major political issue during the COVID-19 pandemic. For the early part of this crisis the only meaningful figures everyone knew for certain were the number of deaths of COVID-19-positive people who had died in hospital.  Click here to read more.

1. Connectivity

20 April 2020
Over the next few weeks, this timely weekly blog will bring into focus the digital and tech development developments being implemented in this time of crisis. For digital development at Care England and for Digital Social Care (www.digitalsocialcare) the past few weeks have been a steep learning curve, and I will delve into how digital has changed the nature of how we, in social care, support people to achieve quality in their lives. The COVID 19 crisis has been a call to action for everyone involved in health and social care, and its onset has awakened the creative nature of many people and organisations.

The theme of this first blog is connectivity and future blogs will cover such subjects as remote monitoring, care planning, security and the use of data. I would be delighted to hear from you, the readers, of any topics that you feel should be addressed. Click here to read more.