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Whether we realise it or not, adult social care affects us all. As well as supporting millions of people to live fulfilling lives, the sector serves as a bedrock for wider society, employing 1.52m people and contributing £55.7bn to the English economy each year. Securing its future, and delivering high-quality, person-centred care to the individuals we support, must be treated as a national priority. Inextricably linked to other public services, a lack of investment in adult social care will be felt, and paid for, by us all.


That’s why Care England is calling on the next government to invest in adult social care to:


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The NHS and adult social care sector are deeply reliant on one another. By putting care workers on par with colleagues in the NHS, the Government would boost staffing and increase the care sector’s ability to facilitate hospital discharge into the community. This would reduce bed-blocking, A&E delays and waiting lists, enabling the NHS to meet people’s needs at an earlier stage and improving the nation’s health, employment prospects and wellbeing.



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Adult social care is a vital component of our economy, representing 5% of all jobs nationally and serving as the bedrock of local communities. A long-term workforce plan, including a fully-funded pay rise for care workers, would boost England’s economy by £9.5bn per year and deliver a well-supported workforce able to meet rising demand for care. Similarly, a long-term funding settlement would alleviate pressure on care providers and local authorities alike, giving them the clarity and security needed to focus on long-term planning.




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At its best, adult social care supports both younger and older adults to live independent and fulfilling lives. To make this a reality across the board, the Government must invest sufficient resources and establish national commissioning standards that empower care providers to plan, design and deliver personalised approaches to care. A more efficient and innovative care sector, which delivers positive outcomes for adults of all ages, protects the long-term quality of our health and social care system and represents real value for money for the taxpayer, is within reach.


Care England is England’s leading voice on adult social care. Serving as a critical friend to both government and opposition parties, Care England is at the forefront of calls to put adult social care on a sustainable footing. To see Care England’s priorities for the next Government in full, see Care For Our Future: The roadmap to a sustainable future for adult social care. For more information, please contact info@careengland.org.uk or visit www.careengland.org.uk.

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