Alsico is a proud family business that designs, manufactures and distributes work clothing in a sustainable and well-considered manner.

We are committed to supporting care providers by making life better for people at work. As a company, we want to contribute to an economy that respects the limits of the planet and guarantees basic social rights. Our performance protects not only our customers, but also our employees and our planet. As such, we have set two ambitious objectives for 2040:

– net zero plus
– living wage plus

We take on this responsibility by systematically incorporating environmental, social and economic considerations into our day-to-day management. We protect our Alsico family of over 7000 employees with a fair wage and top industry working conditions. We do this all around the globe, without compromises.

Our performance protects the performance of the 10 million people that wear their Alsico workwear every day. We have an independent quality assurance system, our own testing facilities, and dedicated designers and product engineers to create the best clothing for each requirement. We innovate to set new industry standards, offering the first carbon-neutral clothing and setting up our own end-of-life hub.

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