Introduction to apetito

At apetito, we are the leading experts in serving nutritious, delicious meals for older people. We help care groups overcome their catering challenges by reducing catering costs, guaranteeing delicious nutritious food and improving residents dining experience. All our meals are packed with quality, nutritious ingredients and are created by our in-house chefs and dietitians to guarantee that they are as delicious as they are nourishing.



Partnership with Care England

“We are really encouraged to see the work apetito is doing to support care homes up and down the country, ensuring residents receive nutritious meals to keep them safe and well. It is reassuring to know that apetito will continue to provide our care homes with great food and guarantee deliveries of high quality, nutritious meals throughout the Covid-19 outbreak.  By maintaining its commitment to the care sector, apetito is helping to alleviate some of the pressures felt and ensuring that, even during the current crisis, care homes receive the same excellent service and on-going customer support they have always enjoyed.”
– Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive of Care England

We are proud to work closely with Care England and their members.


Deeper dive into apetito

We believe everyone deserves a nutritious meal – particularly the vulnerable and elderly.

With over 200 delicious dishes and a number of ranges we can cater for every taste, dietary and cultural preferences.

We are particularly proud of our Queens Award winning range of Texture Modified meals, that have been developed in line with IDDSI standards for those residents living with a swallowing difficulty.

These meals ensure that the focus is off the diners’ dietary differences and instead placed back on the pleasure of residents dining together at the table. Other ranges include our Energy Dense meals for residents who are underweight or malnourished and our Mini Meals Extra range that are small but packed full of calories for those with reduced appetites.




Dining with dementia

We know the setting and presentation of a meal play a huge role in the overall dining experience – especially for those living with dementia. That is why we have created a dementia-friendly pop-up restaurant designed to show how our services provide exceptional, memorable mealtimes for every resident. We use this pop-up for you and your staff to learn some simple ways to make your dining experience more dementia-friendly for your residents. When you partner with us we can turn even the most ordinary room, hall or space into a unique, dementia friendly dining room, ready for you to enjoy.


Our safety promise

For every meal created in our Wiltshire kitchen, a batch is tested by a specialist team in our two accredited onsite labs. These tests not only confirm the nutritional value of the meals but also guarantee their safety before reaching the table. Giving you peace of mind that you are always serving safe delicious meals.

Our rigorous testing takes the pressure off our partners when it comes to health and safety within their kitchens. Making it easier to obtain a five-star EHO rating.


Ethical & Sustainable

At apetito we go way beyond what’s on the plate. We’re dedicated to doing business in an ethical and sustainable way, enhancing the health and well-being of our customers and community through great food we’re proud of and a genuine passion for service.

We have been working hard to reduce our impact on the planet, with our sustainable business practices and the work we have undertaken with our suppliers, customers and in the community, earning us The Queens Award for Enterprise: Sustainable Development 20219. (image of QA logo).

We are proud to support Alzheimer’s Support and Alzheimer’s Society, two charities that are close to many of our hearts at apetito. In the past 4 years the apetito team have raised £128,000 amount of money for these two amazing charities.

Find out more about how apetito are leading the way in ethics and sustainability here: https://online.flippingbook.com/view/93892/14-15/




Partnering with apetito

When you partner with us, we work with you to manage your costs by removing the need for a large catering team and reduce risk and wastage from your catering. We are proud to be more than just a food provider; with every care home partnering with us receiving a dedicated Account Manager who will tailor the partnership to fit with your needs, offering support whenever is it needed. Your Account Manager will offer free training to homes and help each home to hold regular tasting sessions to really involve residents in the design of their menus.


How we have helped Care England members like you…

“It’s great to have a partner which looks to go that extra mile. Not just satisfied with offering a fantastic core service, they’re also working with us to introduce new and exciting initiatives across our business. I couldn’t be happier with them and our relationship.”
Rachel Beckett, Executive Chairman, Wellburn Care, North East England


Book a tasting – The apetiser

Introducing our mobile kitchen, the apetiser! With a fully equipped kitchen, the apetiser allows us to come to your head office or one of your care homes and deliver a great tasting experience for your staff and residents to enjoy. This tasting will offer the opportunity for you and your team to try our delicious food. We can do all of this without the need to step foot in your office or one of your care homes. To find out more get in touch!

Email carehomes@apetito.co.uk
Website: www.apetito.co.uk/care-home-meal-services/
Phone number: 01225 753636



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