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Ashwell Home Care Services Limited

Ashwell Home Care Services Limited

We are an independent, family-owned and run business based in beautiful Malvern, Worcestershire. Owners Debbie & Philip Ashwell, collectively have over 60 years’ experience working with people in the care and customer service sectors and have first-hand knowledge of how the right support can enhance the quality of people’s lives.

Ashwell Home Care Services was founded from a desire to provide a level of care which transforms the way in which care is delivered within the community. Ours is a level of care which is tailored to your individual needs and which is delivered in a way that you want, when you want and how you would expect. It is a level of care which recognises you as a person and treats you in the way that you deserve, with dignity and respect. Our approach to care has led us to be recognised as one of the Top 20 Home Care Providers in the West Midlands, according to homecare.co.uk.

We are an inclusive agency who believes that all care should be delivered in a non-judgemental way regardless of people’s background, race, colour, ethnicity or sexuality. We have personal experience of loved ones receiving care which at best was mediocre and which did not recognise the importance of how receiving care affects a person’s outlook and quality of life. We recognise that staying in your home is so important and that at times you may feel isolated and lonely. Acknowledging and making the decision to receive care is not an easy thing to do and inviting people into your home to assist you is something that you may never thought you would need to do.

Our staff are all picked because they have demonstrated to us that their values and beliefs are the same as those of our company and that we are proud for them to deliver our company vision. We think of our staff as your Care Companions who you will look forward to seeing on a regular basis. We will strive to keep the Care Companions who visit you to a minimum so that a relationship can be built, and you can get to know each other and how you like things done.

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