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Autumna, a leading directory of care providers for older people, has announced a partnership with WiFi SPARK, a hospital WiFi provider, to make it easier for patients and their families to find care.

Through the partnership, Autumna’s shortlisting service will be available on WiFi SPARK’s SPARK®Media platform, which is used by over 73% of NHS hospitals in the UK. This will give patients and their families access to Autumna’s database of over 26,000 care providers, which they can use to shortlist, compare and choose providers.

The partnership is designed to help reduce hospital readmissions by making it easier for patients to find the right care after they leave the hospital. Currently 21% of enquiries to Autumna’s advice line come from people who are already in hospital and looking for care. Each night that a patient spends in a hospital bed costs the NHS £400, and it is not unusual for patients to wait 30 days or more to be discharged.

“This is a big step forward for Autumna, but more importantly for the care providers who promote their services on our site and especially for care seekers who want to take a proactive stance when it comes to getting a relative out of hospital and preventing readmission,” said Debbie Harris, founder of Autumna. Screenshot 2023 10 24 144805 e1698155315174

“With Autumna on SPARK®Media, they can start thinking about and planning their onward care from the moment they walk into the hospital and log onto the Wi-Fi network.”

The partnership between Autumna and WiFi SPARK is a positive example of how technology can be used to improve patient care. By making it easier for patients to find the right care the partnership supports patient welfare, reduces the pressures on the NHS and saves the NHS money. 

Key benefits 

  • For patients:The partnership makes it easier for patients to find the right care after they leave the hospital. Patients can use Autumna’s shortlisting service to compare providers and choose the one that best meets their needs.
  • For care providers:The partnership gives care providers access to a new pool of potential customers. Care providers can promote their services on Autumna’s website and reach patients who are actively looking for care.
  • For the NHS:The partnership will help to speed up hospital discharge and reduce readmissions by making it easier for patients to find the right care for after they leave the hospital. This would save the NHS money and improve patient outcomes. 

Autumna provides completely impartial advice and does not take referral fees from providers. It aims to improve transparency and standards across the entire care for older people sector. Following its establishment in 2019, over 2.5 million care seekers each year now access Autumna’s directory of over 26,000 care providers. 

To find out more contact Debbie Harris on 01892 335 330 or email: debbie@autumna.co.uk 

WiFi SPARK is actively seeking partners to put their innovative healthcare applications in front of patients and staff who need them, through the SPARK® Media entertainment and engagement platform. 

To find out more contact James Morriss on 0344 848 9555 or email: james.morriss@wifispark.com