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On 1 December, Care England hosted a webinar regarding VAT restructuring. The webinar aimed at raising awareness of how care home providers can restructure their organisations to enable VAT recovery on publicly funded contracts. We are in challenging financial times due to the lack central government funding on top of the cost-of-living crisis nationally. VAT restructuring is a solution to recover input VAT for care homes on Local Authority and NHS-funded contracts.

Kieran Lynch & Co, a highly regarded VAT specialist firm, provided an overview of the process and answered questions on this subject. They offer practical support and guidance and will work with you should you wish to look at opportunities for your authority.

Not all local authorities and NHS bodies currently permit VAT recovery, however, close to 50% do, and as such we see a significant amount of additional funding which can be made available to your organisation to help offset some of the cost pressures providers are facing now.  We believe that increasing the number of requests from providers will support the argument for VAT recovery in all local authority and NHS areas.

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You can read more about Kieran Lynch here, and more about their work on VAT recovery here.

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