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Unsure if you’re paying too much for your food and beverage provisions?


Simply fill out the form below to arrange a 30-minute consultation with our Care experts who will run through your top 25 products and outline if your existing pricing is competitive.



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Care England members will also receive our Cost Management eGuide which include tips and advice on how to manage costs across the catering operations within your homes.


Creed Foodservice is a founding member of the Country Range Group of independent wholesalers, delivering quality multi-temperature catering products to chefs and caterers across the UK, since 1972.


Creed is renowned for service excellence and supporting its customers in achieving their food strategies and commercial objectives, this has positioned Creed as the UK’s ‘go-to’ delivered wholesale partner across the care sector.


As a family-run foodservice provider, we believe in more. Creed is built on family values and trust, recognising the importance of open, honest and supportive relationships that work for everyone. Our company wide culture to go the extra mile for our customers, alongside our aspirations to improve on our industry-leading service levels, results in strong long-term partnerships.


Our team of experts understand the challenges that caterers in the care sector face and are on hand to support with;

    • Budgeting – whether that be a daily spend per head or bespoke and restricted buying lists
    • Recipe ideas, meal solutions and menu development
    • Product recommendations and swaps
    • Staff engagement and knowledge sharing

As a Creed customer, you have access to;

    • Our fantastic team of Development Chefs
    • A comprehensive range of over 6,000 products including butchery, fresh produce, frozen, ambient, non-food and the extensive Country Range Group offering
    • Tools to track dietary and allergen requirements
    • A range of solution-led tools including a 3-Week Menu Plan, Cost Management eGuide and various recipe cards
    • The latest sector research including data and recommendations focussing on Baby Boomers – the next generation to enter care homes
    • Tips and suggestions to help you bring food to life in your homes and make mealtimes exciting!


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