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80% of people living in care homes have a form of dementia. That’s why Care England would like to offer their members the opportunity to join the Dementia Action Alliance. The DAA brings together leading organisations from across the health and social care sector to take action on dementia. The ethos behind the DAA is that we are stronger when we work together. Not only will you have the opportunity to network with 150 members, you will also gain insights from leading figures in dementia care and support through our events, newsletters and webinars. As a result your workforce will be equipped to deliver the best possible care and support for your residents.

The DAA is a unique platform that aims to bring about a society-wide response to dementia. Members make individual commitments to action within their organisations, setting out what they hope to achieve to support people affected by dementia. We also work as a collective on wide-reaching Calls to Action, or campaigns, which have driven improvements in the quality of life for people with dementia and their carers.

In signing up to the DAA, you will demonstrate your commitment to helping people with dementia and their carers. You will have the opportunity to promote your organisation and your positive actions through a number of different channels.

The DAA relies on financial contributions from our members, and in return will receive the following benefits:

–       Free quarterly meetings, which bring together the DAA members for networking and information sharing

–       Monthly newsletters where you can promote your initiatives or advertise vacant roles within your organisation and learn about the work of the members

–       A dedicated online member’s page

–       Collaborative opportunities on Calls to Action

–       Mention of your organisation and your actions in the Annual Report

–       Access to the DAA Secretariat who can provide you with information and resources and facilitate introductions to other members

–       Attendance at our Annual Conference, where keynote speakers have included leading figures from across health and social care

We have achieved a great deal over the last few years but there is still more to be done. In joining the Dementia Action Alliance you can play a key role to improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers.

Take action today by joining on the website or contacting dementiaactionalliance@alzheimers.org.uk