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On the 11th of July, Care England held a webinar with BA Healthcare on Ethical Recruitment.

BA Healthcare is the leading ethical provider of health and social care professionals to the health and social care sector.  BAH provide, intelligent, long-term, overseas workforce solutions.  With 9,000+ enduring placements over two decades, a 99%+ 3 year retention rate, and a highly experienced team, our OSCE ready nurses and time-served seniors and carers are the foundation of real workforce sustainability. BA Healthcare is the trusted partner of Care England, the Institute of Healthcare Management, as well as numerous local authorities and care associations.

Richard Canavan is co-owner of BA Healthcare and oversees their UK operation.

International health and social care workers are coming to the UK in record numbers but they are bringing with more and more stories of unethical recruitment, mistreatment and exploitation at every stage in their journey.  This webinar explores what ethical recruitment is and how providers can build ethical recruitment processes. This webinar looks at what ethical recruitment is, why it matters and crucially, how providers can embed and operationalised WHO, ILO and NHS principles into the work they do.  Most importantly, it also discusses the often hidden risks providers face when working with candidates outside of the UK.  Risks which can affect them, their reputation and the overseas workforce they are building.

You can watch a recording of the webinar below

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