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EU Settlement Scheme: continuing support for applicants – 1 February 2022
Document is highlighting the assistance which remains available for individuals need to make a late application.

EU Settlement Scheme caseworker guidance

Published:28 August 2018 | Last updated:6 April 2022, Guidance for caseworkers considering applications under the EU Settlement Scheme.

New immigration system: what you need to know – guidance
Published 28 January 2020 | Last updated 8 March 2022 ‚Äî see all updates
The UK has introduced a points-based immigration system.

Healthcare for EU citizens living in or moving to the UK – guidance 

Published 19 March 2019 | Last updated 7 March 2022, 
Information on accessing healthcare for citizens from EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland living in or moving to the UK.

Code of practice for the international recruitment of health and social care personnel – guidance 

Published 25 February 2021 | Last updated: 11 November 2021 ‚Äî 
Sets out the principles and best practice benchmarks health and social care employers and recruitment agencies must follow to ensure effective, ethical international recruitment.

Guidance on nutrition and health claims on foods – Guidance
Published 18 November 2011 | Last updated 10 November 2021 ‚Äî see all updates
This guidance and starter guide has been issued in order to comply with Regulation (EC) 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods.

EU Settlement Scheme: ID document scanner locations – guidance 

Published 15 November 2018 | 14 October 2021, 
Locations where you can go to get your biometric ID document scanned if you do not have an Android device with near field communication (NFC).

Immigration health surcharge: applying for reimbursement – guidance
Published 1 October 2020 | Last updated: 1 October 2021 ‚Äî 

How to apply for your immigration health surcharge (IHS) reimbursement if you work in health and care.

Right to work checks: employing EU, EEA and Swiss citizens – guidance
Published10 June 2021| Last updated: 6 August 2021 ‚Äî Information for employers on employing EU, EEA and Swiss citizens in the UK, covering right to work checks, the EU Settlement Scheme and the UK’s new immigration system.

EU Settlement Scheme: applying from outside the UK – guidance 

Published 9 April 2019 | Last updated 1 July 2020 ‚Äî see all updates
Information for applicants to the EU Settlement Scheme who are applying from outside the UK.


Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (settled and pre-settled status) – GOV.UK

Using personal data in your business or other organisation – Guidance
Published 31 December 2020 | Last updated: 28 June 2021 ‚Äî 
What action you need to take regarding data protection and data flows with the EU/EEA.

EU Settlement Scheme – People who lack mental capacity – Webinar presentation from the Aire Centre 26 May 2021

EU Settlement Scheme – Update – (Presentation from Heather Booth, ADASS)

Supporting European Economic Area (EEA) nationals with care needs
Guidance for Adult Social Care and care providers

EU Settlement Scheme: community groups toolkit – collection 

This toolkit equips you with the right materials and information to support EU citizens to apply to stay in the UK.




EU Settlement Scheme and adults using care services – guidance
22 February 2021
This document provides information and guidance about the EU Settlement Scheme and its implications for vulnerable people who use social care services whether it be in their own home, residential setting, and/or access care support on a regular or infrequent basis.

EU Settlement Scheme – Guidance for adult social care providers 

This guidance provides information and advice on the EU Settlement Scheme and its implications for the adult social care workforce, people who use social care services and their family and friends in England. It’s aimed at all adult social care managers, owners and workforce/HR leads in England. Care Provider Alliance

When the clapping stops: EU Care Workers after Brexit – JCWI report January 2021
Research finds that as well vulnerable EEA+ citizens, care workers and other key workers – the very people we are relying on to pull us through the COVID crisis – are in real danger of being left behind by the EU Settlement Scheme.