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Care Friends Webinar for Local Authorities and ICBs


25th January 2023    
11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Following the success of our webinar held in December, Care England is delighted to be hosting another webinar with Care Friends on Wednesday 25th January at 11:00-12:00, focussed around the app-based tool PROVEN to increase recruitment and retention for the sector via the Refer a Friend process,

This is the sector’s solution to support hospital discharges in Local Authority areas by boosting Adult Social Care workforce capacity through referrals from existing employees. Refer-a-Friend is statistically the most successful way to recruit care staff and retain them longer than any other recruitment method for our sector vs traditional internet job boards and the current government recruitment campaign.

To register for the webinar, please see here.

Trying to find ways to recruit and retain staff is care providers most significant challenge currently to reduce agency cost and support hospital discharges to care homes and home care as you know only too well.  With the Adult Social Care Discharge Fund partly aimed at supporting recruitment and retention to increase capacity to support discharge. Care Friends offers a solution to Local Authorities, ICBs and Care Providers and works well alongside the government national recruitment campaign helping to reduce the cost per hire by around 50% and retains staff far longer, meaning any expenditure by local authorities could go much further, given we know the funding from central government is nowhere near enough.

Please feel free to share this with the most appropriate colleagues within your organisation.