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Care Home Benchmarking Webinar for Care England Members


20th June 2023    
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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We are seeking ‘Foundation Members’ for a care home benchmarking service. Members will securely share performance indicators and see how they compare with peers – without charge. Close to real-time data will enable relaunch of LaingBuisson’s Care Cost Benchmarks model. Outputs will supersede 2022 DHSC-mandated ‘Fair Costs’ and be invaluable in fee negotiations.

LaingBuisson Overview

LaingBuisson has been serving clients for over 30 years with insights, analysis and data on market structures, policy and strategy across healthcare, social care and education. Today, it is a leading business intelligence provider built around its data capabilities.

Objective of the webinar
  • To demonstrate LaingBuisson’s care home benchmarking service to a wide range of operators of care homes for older people and dementia
  • To encourage operators to participate in care home benchmarking service as ‘Foundation Members’
Benefits of the benchmarking service to care home operators
  • Participants will be able to see how their key performance indicators compare with their peers:
    • Occupancy
    • Resident funding profile (council, NHS and private pay)
    • Staffing intensity (hours per resident per week)
    • Fees
    • and other key indicators
  • Non-burdensome data collection, spread across year, timely reports, secure and confidential



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Other Benefits – to the sector as a whole
  • Relaunch of LaingBuisson’s Care Cost Benchmarks subscription product, offering credible re-calculation of Fair Costs in close to real time for each care home modality in each council area in the county.

We are confident that ‘Fair Costs’ derived from data collected through the benchmarking service will be accepted as superseding the 2022 Fair Cost results, which have now been outdated by inflation. Close to real time ‘Fair Costs’ will give local care associations an invaluable tool in negotiating fees with public sector commissioners. They will be made available on an affordable subscription basis.


William Laing, Founder and Executive Chairman & Hina Choksy-Evans, Managing Director


Joe Foley, Head of Data, joe.foley@laingbuisson.com


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