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Successfully Onboarding New Overseas Team Members Webinar


15th August 2023    
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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On 15 August, Care England held a webinar with BA-Healthcare to underscore how to successfully onboard new overseas team members. Employers often fall into the trap of believing overseas works will solve their retention problems only to find that isn’t always the case.  Very often the loss of overseas workers can be traced back to a poor on-boarding experience.  Very often employers don’t plan ahead or aren’t sure what to plan for.

In this webinar, Richard Canavan, co-owner of BA-Healthcare and UK Director, explained how they work with our clients to build on-boarding processes for overseas workers that result in 99% retention rates. Beginning long before an overseas worker arrives in the UK we look at how employers can build trust and rapport and ensure you take practical steps to ensure your new team members feel supported at critical points in their journey.

BA Healthcare is the leading ethical provider of health and social care professionals to the health and social care sector.  BAH provide, intelligent, long-term, overseas workforce solutions.  With 9,000+ enduring placements over two decades, a 99%+ 3 year retention rate, and a highly experienced team, our OSCE ready nurses and time-served seniors and carers are the foundation of real workforce sustainability. BA Healthcare is the trusted partner of Care England as well as numerous local authorities and care associations.

The PowerPoint presentation used for this webinar can be accessed here

You can watch the recording of the event below