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15th September 2022    
All Day


15 Hatfields
15 Hatfields Conference Centre, Chadwick Court, 15Hatfields, London, SE1 8DJ

The Convenzis Integrating Health and Social Care Conference is a showcase of best practices from teams across the NHS and provides a platform to meet and engage with sector-leading guest speakers, forward-thinking innovators and 200+ peers from across the NHS.

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We are living through the greatest challenge our health and care system has ever faced, yet, even in crisis conditions, everyone working in our health and care system has continued to deliver excellence. Critically, collaboration across health and social care has accelerated at a pace showing what we can do when we work together, flexibly, adopt new technology focused on the needs of the patient, and set aside bureaucratic rules. 

The Integration and Innovation White Paper.

Integrated care is about giving people the support they need, joining up across local councils, the NHS, and other partners. It removes traditional divisions between hospitals and family doctors, between physical and mental health, and between NHS and council services.

Transforming the delivery of health and social care is needed to address the growing pressures due to funding constraints and the increasing complexity of needs for services. In an attempt to address these issues, various programs to integrate health services have been developed internationally, including, The World Health Organisation Framework on integrated people-centred health service and the NHS Long-Term Plan.

Since April 2021, all parts of England have been covered by one of 42 ICSs, some systems have already been working as ICSs for a number of years, while others have evolved from STPs more recently. In all cases, the ways of working and governance structures underpinning ICSs remain a work in progress.

Our conference aims to share strategic advice and best practice as the ICS programmes are scaled up. Our event series focuses on 3 key areas including:

  • Developing strategies around digital technologies and estates
  • Supporting collaborative working
  • Strengthening collaborative relationships and trust between partner organisations and their leaders

Join us at the Integrated Care Summit as we continue the debate on the latest government plans to integrate health and social care providers to help improve healthcare for all.

The 2022 Summit provides a timely platform for service providers to meet up alongside NHS stakeholders to help drive improved collaboration and interoperability across the UK health system.

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