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Your workforce as your best recruiters: Why Care Friends won the King's Award for Innovation


16th May 2023    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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The secret to building a loyal long-staying workforce in 2023 and beyond depends on empowering your existing teams to identify and reach out to their connections in the local community.

Join us and the Founder and CEO of Care Friends Neil Eastwood for a deep-dive into the power of referrals and the results that have resulted in Care Friends winning the 2023 King’s Award for Innovation.

All attendees will receive a signed copy of the upcoming 2nd Edition of Saving Social Care on publication in the Summer. 

Care Friends is the award-winning employee referral, recognition and reward app that has transformed recruitment and retention in social care. 

Traditional referral programmes are underutilised because most are cumbersome to manage and often don’t pay the referral reward until the new employee finishes probation. Care Friends changes all that with an easy-to-use app and the use of micro-incentives: small rewards for each recruitment step their referral completes successfully.

The Care Friends platform includes a web-based portal for recruiters and managers and a mobile app which care employees use to refer contacts from their existing social networks to job vacancies in your organisation.

The app maximises the number of employee referrals from your team, by making ‘referring a friend’:

  • easier
  • more rewarding
  • fun

Watch to see how the Care Friends app works: