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As staff shortages and rising costs continue to impact on the sector, leading care homes meals provider, apetito, has launched the GUIDE TO CARE HOME CATERING https://apetito.link/GET-YOUR-FREE-GUIDE-TO-CARE-HOME-CATERING

The FREE Guide looks at how care homes can take control of rising costs in the kitchen whilst maintaining high quality, delicious mealtimes.  It explores the latest advances in catering for residents living with dementia, talks to Professor Jane Murphy of Bournemouth University about the importance of tailored solutions for dementia residents, and sets out how specialist dietary needs can be catered for on a consistent, stress-free basis.

Importantly, the Guide shows how to ensure that unpredictable staff shortages (due to illness or self-isolating) can be covered in ways that are easy and cost-effective whilst allowing homes to serve nutritious and tasty meals that residents will enjoy.

The Guide is packed with useful information and guidance for care homes to consider in the current economic conditions.   It also picks up the growing movement towards decarbonisation along with a growing call for sustainability pledges and gives advice on Net Zero whilst putting forward the business case for why this is important to care homes.

It also gives helpful support and advice on where to start, and how to measure a home’s current carbon footprint as well as how to set out targets before making commitments that are realistic and workable.  The Guide shows this can be made relatively straightforward with outputs adding significant value to a home’s marketing messages and even driving notable cost savings to the bottom line.  GUIDE TO CARE HOME CATERING PICTURE 0

apetito’s Richard Woodward, General Manager for Care Homes says that the Guide to Care Home Catering has drawn off apetito’s extensive experience of creating great dining experiences for care home residents, and has been developed to give homes helpful advice and support during a time of turbulence and increasing cost:

“We know that care home providers are looking at ways they can maintain high quality mealtimes with delicious food that residents will really enjoy whilst reducing overheads.

“A big challenge for homes right now, is how they can protect the home, and especially mealtimes, from staff shortages and unpredictable absences.

“Our Guide helps homes understand how they can do this whilst also updating them on the latest advances in catering for residents living with dementia and in many cases with dysphagia, as well as how to cater for special dietary requirements.

“It takes time for a home to design to nutritious, balanced menu and ensure it is cost effective and we have called on all our experience in this market to offer help and support which we hope will be useful”.