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Aston Brooke Solicitors in partnership with Care England are pleased to announce the firm will undertake free mock UKVI audits for members and non-members who hold a skilled worker sponsor licence. There has been a recent exponential increase in UKVI visits where the Home Office are specifically targeting the care sector. Sponsor licence mock audits are rather like insurance policies as they provide peace of mind that you are covered in the event of a real-life UKVI compliance audit.

The audit will take the same approach as a UKVI pre or post-licence inspection carried out by UKVI compliance officers. Members will be able to obtain an in-depth insight into the inspection process.  Aston Brooke have been working with the Home Office for over 16 years and have an excellent working relationship with the UKVI compliance officers across the country and the sponsor licensing unit.

UKVI inspections can be daunting for care providers and the mock audit will alleviate those concerns and allow providers to identify and avoid the risks and pitfalls associated with holding a sponsor licence. A sponsor licence mock audit involves checking the following:

  1. Your HR systems to ensure you are complying with the five areas of compliance and therefore meeting your sponsor duties
  2. Whether you pose a threat to immigration control
  3. Whether the workers you sponsor are complying with the conditions of their leave to stay in the UK
  4. Checking that the sponsor is filling genuine vacancies
  5. The overseas migrants meet the necessary skills and qualifications and are being paid in accordance with the minimum income requirements

Any members who wish to take up this offer can contact Mr Kashif Majeed, Director at Aston Brooke Solicitors. His contact email is km@astonbrooke.co.uk.