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In ITV’s latest Tonight Programme, Care England revealed the extent of the social care crisis in local authorities, where underfunding from central government has compromised their ability to adequately fund social care.

In response, Care England has today announced the launch of Future-Proofing Care, a new report delivering innovative solutions and turnaround strategies to sustain independent adult social care providers.

Care England’s 2023 Sector Pulse Check report, produced in partnership with Hft, highlighted a concerning trend: 43% of adult social care providers were forced to close parts of their organisations or return contracts to local authorities due to financial pressures last year in 2023. Even more alarming is the revelation that 56% of smaller providers seriously considered exiting the market last year due to these financial strains.

Without root and branch reform of the way central government invests in social care through local authorities, this figure will only rise. In the absence of such reform, care providers need immediate support to manage ongoing pressures which will have a real impact on people’s lives.

Successive governments have pledged to fix social care, yet the sector remains in an extremely precarious state. Care England and the organisations contributing to this paper have taken action to provide immediate support to the sector. It is now incumbent upon the incoming government, regardless of party, to implement meaningful change and offer comprehensive, long-term support to the entire sector.

Professor Martin Green OBE, Chief Executive of Care England, says:

“This is not simply an industry concern; it is a societal one. Potential closure of essential services will have far-reaching consequences, impacting the most vulnerable members of our society. In a time when resilience is not just a virtue, but a necessary survival strategy, the independent adult social care sector finds itself at a crossroads. Faced with unrelenting financial pressures and regulatory challenges, these providers are navigating a labyrinth of uncertainties that threaten their very existence.”

Care England has spearheaded a coalition of industry experts to offer a lifeline to care providers. The new report seeks to navigate the treacherous waters of financial vulnerability and operational challenges, marking a collaborative effort to fortify the foundation of adult social care in England.

Future-proofing Care recognises and explores the strategies available to care providers facing operational pressures. From spotting early warning signs to implementing turnaround strategies, exploring renovation or financing options, and considering management takeovers or exit plans. It delivers insightful analysis and practical guidance to equip every care services with the necessary tools and knowledge for making informed decisions and sustaining high-quality care amidst evolving challenges.

Ultimately, every care provider will, at some stage, need to rely on the solutions outlined in ‘Future Proofing Care’. This document is designed to stand the test of time and provide universal value for all providers, irrespective of their circumstances.

You can access the paper here

Martin Green continues:

“Future-proofing Care is an indispensable resource that will undoubtedly offer a beacon of hope and a definitive path forward, promising a brighter future for providers in the toughest of circumstances. With the stability of the health and care system at stake, providers need to maximise their resilience. But ultimately, the buck stops with Government. Without urgent action, the Government risk being responsible for the collapse of the sector that supports those in most need.”


Supporting Statements:


Lucy Corner, Director of Cornerstone Care Solutions Limited says:

“This initiative by Care England is crucial for the survival and future of the independent adult social care sector. The care sector faces an existential crisis with rising costs and staff shortages, with the demand for care increasing. Future-proofing Care can help prevent a mass exodus from small providers, and help facilitate the modernisation of the care sector, enabling it to adapt to evolving needs.”


Bharti Moore, Partner in the Health and Social Care team at RWK Goodman says:

“RWK Goodman’s Health and Social Care team are proud to be part of a sector that is so dedicated to providing high-quality care to some of the most vulnerable members of our society. We are delighted to be contributors to the Care England ‘Future Proofing Care’ report.


There are many challenges facing the care sector and smaller providers do not always have access to resources in the same way as larger providers. It is essential for the care sector as a whole to come together and collaborate in finding solutions to the challenges. This report is key to supporting smaller providers by highlighting best practices and strategies that smaller care providers can employ. The report can serve as a valuable resource for smaller providers looking to learn, make informed decisions and drive positive change within their organisations and continue their essential service to their community.”


Tony Stein, Chief Executive Officer of Healthcare Management Solutions says:

“The “Future Proofing Care” initiative, recently launched by Care England, is a fantastic way for them to provide real resources and solutions to their all care providers. Providing high quality services every day is challenging enough without adding into the mix some of the more strategic issues of managing a care business. Care England have done an excellent job of pulling together a valuable document signposting members to real-world solutions, which will prove to be invaluable to many.”


Tony Thiru, Chief Executive Officer of Fulcrum Care says:

“Care England’s ‘Future-Proofing Care’ initiative plays a vital role in tackling the challenges of the adult social care sector. The resources it provides are essential for maintaining quality care provision, especially amid rising costs and staffing shortages. This initiative offers hope to small providers, enabling adaptations to changing needs. We commend Care England for their efforts and pledge to utilise these solutions to enhance the well-being of those we serve.”


Dipe Rajani, Director of MIVA Care says:

“The work Care England are doing to support the care sector and ultimately ensure residents have the best care fit for the future is unrivalled. The level of guidance and support will no doubt be a vital resource for any operator looking to future proof their care provision.”


Andrew Whelan, Director of Westcott Care says:

“Care England’s latest report, ‘Future Proofing Care’, and its initiative to find innovative solutions and turnaround strategies to sustain independent adult social care providers is of fundamental importance to the sector and the lives and well-being of many in our society. As the demand for care evolves towards increasingly complex chronic conditions, policy and practice must advance in step to ensure a sustainable supply of fit-for-the-future services.


In the face of considerable adversity, from sub-optimal fees, spiralling operational costs, staffing shortages, and an ever-complex regulatory environment, it is the smaller, independent providers (representing the majority of care services), who are impacted the hardest. This initiative creates an opportunity for these providers to band together and discover innovative strategies and solutions for securing their services. Westcott Care is delighted to be part of it.”


Jimmy Johns, Director of Corporate Debt Advisory (Healthcare) at Christie Finance says:

“The Care sector is an integral part of the UK, the service the sector provides to the country and families is critical. The benefits it also provides to the economy through pressure release to the NHS and economic contribution is vast.  The increasing demand on the care sector is not going to reduce any time soon so the continued growth of providers and increasing quality is vital.


The “Future Proofing Care” Initiative recently launched by Care England provides great insight and support to operators. The contribution from sector professionals has produced papers that will support the journey of a care home operator from acquisition, growth to exit.


There are many challenges within the sector from regulators, increasing costs, staffing, below optimal fees and financial support. Over the last 45 years Christie Finance has supported clients throughout their journey our unique care sector knowledge and expertise is enhanced by our market leading knowledge of the finance markets enabling us to provide quality support and guidance to our clients.”


Lee Howard, Regional Director – Care at Christie & Co says:

 “We were proud to contribute to this essential Care England report, which highlights vital information for independent adult social care providers in order for them to future-proof their services. At a turbulent time in the sector – when funding and staffing challenges are heightened – I’m sure this resource will be welcomed by all.”