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HC-One care homes mark International Nurses’ Day

HC-One care homes across the UK celebrated International Nurses’ Day on Thursday 12th May 2022, to celebrate the achievements of the nursing profession and to thank colleagues at HC-One for the enormous difference they make every day to the lives of residents and their loved ones.  The Harefield MaryJoy Sunisha and Denosh 0

HC-One care homes thanked their nursing Colleagues, showing their appreciation, and celebrating the day to commemorate all the work they do. Nursing Colleagues are the cornerstone of the delivery of efficient and quality care provision and expertise, and during the past two years nurses have demonstrated more than ever how vital their role is in supporting Residents’ health and wellbeing.

Colleagues at Chandlers Ford Care Home in Eastleigh, Hampshire, which offers residential and nursing care, marked International Nurses’ Day with expressions and gifts of thanks to the incredible nurses at the home.

Home Manager, Lucy Hilferty, led the celebrations to honour the hard work and clinical expertise of the home’s excellent nursing team, which consists of Nurses Motheba Motlejoa and Teisha Simon.

The home has strived to maintain high standards of clinical practice through the most challenging of conditions, especially throughout the pandemic, and thought this was a great opportunity to express how grateful they all are for their exceptional Colleagues.

Lucy Hilferty, Home Manager at Chandlers Ford commented:
“We have been fortunate to gain two overseas nurses, Motheba and Teisha, who bring a wealth of knowledge and kindness to Chandlers Ford Care Home.”
At Pencoed’s Glanffrwd residential and dementia care home, Nursing Colleagues were overwhelmed with support on International Nurses’ Day, as everyone at the home had an opportunity to express their thanks for their hard work and dedication. Chandlers Ford Lucy Hilferty Home Manager and Motheba Motlejoa Nurse 0

The home’s four Nurses, Justine Dermott, Christine Davies, Louise Luke and Samantha Allen, received beautiful flowers and a box of chocolates as a token of appreciation from everyone else at Glanffrwd.

Joan Thomas, Home Manager at Glanffrwd remarked:
“Glanffrwd is extremely lucky to have kind, caring, positive bunch of Nurses. We would just like to thank you for all your hard work.
“The home wouldn’t run effectively as it does without the commitment and dedication of the team.”

At The Harefield Care Home in Uxbridge, Middlesex, which provides nursing and nursing dementia care, the Wellbeing Team arranged for Colleagues and Residents to sign plain white T-shirts with messages of thanks and appreciation for the home’s team of nurses.

The home was decorated with lovely posters commemorating the inspiring work that Nurses do each day, and a great collection of medicine-themed jokes thanks to Wellbeing Coordinators, James Linton and Amber Harris.

All the Nurses enjoyed the celebrations and said they were really touched by the consideration and care shown to them. Residents also said they enjoyed the joyous atmosphere that was around the home and seeing their Nurses really happy.

Rebekah Axford, Home Manager at The Harefield said:
“I think this is a wonderful way of honouring our hard-working Nurses, who are the beating heart of The Harefield community and who help us to make the home the kind and caring place it is”.