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HC-One care homes across the country joined in with the celebrations from 2nd – 5th June to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, following becoming the first British Monarch after 70 years of service to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee on 6th February this year.

At Market Lavington Care Home, which offers residential, nursing and nursing dementia care in Devizes, residents gathered together and celebrated the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with an indoor tea party.

The kitchen colleagues kindly provided a selection of Jubilee themed cakes and fruit platters. Sparkling wine was also served for tea, coffee, and cold drinks.

The 1940s and 1950s music was playing in the background. The residents sang along to the tune, dancing in their chairs and talking about how they used to go dancing every Saturday night. They enjoyed listening to classics from their era and reminiscing.

Angela Wakeley, Resident at Market Lavington, remarked,

“Let’s raise a glass to the Queen’s 70 years on the throne.”

Residents including Susie Masterman, Dennis Scurrell, Violet Lloyd, Suzie Hilton, Ida Wearing, Phyllis Shellard, Pam Johnson, Joy Baker, Margaret Tomalin, Angela Wakeley, Frank Anderson and Gordon Grist discussed seeing Her Majesty, The Queen at different events around Britain.

Michaela Swiffen, Wellbeing Coordinator at Market Lavington, said:

“It was a delightful afternoon, both for Residents and Colleagues to celebrate together, enjoying music, cakes and memories.”Gittisham Hill House 1 0

At the Beeches residential care home on Tameside, jubilee celebrations included indulging in traditional English treats, games, and reminiscing.

The home was specially decorated to celebrate the occasion. The jubilee celebrations started with Residents being served traditional English tea and biscuits; everyone enjoyed a variety of treats, including firm favourites custard creams, rich tea and bourbons. Residents also enjoyed a fish and chip dinner from the local chip shop. Television coverage was also shown, and the topics of the conversation went back to 1952 when the Queen had her coronation. This sparked much discussion among Residents on what they remembered from that special day. On Friday, everyone was dressed to impress as the home held a traditional street party. The kitchen staff prepared a buffet, and a selection of cakes was provided. Everyone enjoyed listening to music from artists such as Vera Lynn and The Andrew Sisters. Jubilee bingo, quizzes and other games were also on offer throughout the Jubilee, whilst the television coverage of the celebrations played in the background.

Sade Smith, the Wellbeing Coordinator at the Beeches, said,

“Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee has been lovely with the Residents. We have had two wonderful days with plenty of activities, and everyone has enjoyed themselves.”Jubilee celebrations at the Beeches Tameside 0

Residents at Gittisham Hill House residential, nursing and dementia care home in Devon enjoyed celebrating the Jubilee. They loved nothing more than the opportunity to get a selfie with “Her Majesty the Queen”.

Everyone enjoyed the jubilee celebrations on Friday, where they listened and sang along to music and indulged in a special buffet and delicious ice cream in the garden.

Residents enjoyed watching others take turns to have a selfie with the Queen and have fun together.

Julia Heneker, Home Manager at Gittisham Hill House, commented,

“People living with dementia especially seemed to light up when the talk turns to royal reminiscence and chat about the Queen’s Coronation and the Platinum Jubilee.”


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