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Eileen Andrews resident 1 0

Gittisham Hill House care home, in Devon, is not far from Glastonbury, being a little over an hour’s drive away, so to celebrate the UK’s popular festival starting this June, the home decided to have their own Glastonbury on 22nd of the month.

The residents at the residential, nursing and dementia care home enjoyed getting dressed up with ribbons round their heads and flowers in their hair. They made some pictures that they could stick on their faces, much like what is done by the festivalgoers of today.  Eileen Andrews resident 1 0

Eileen Andrews, 85 (pictured), even kept her outfit on while her daughters came to visit, and also joined in with the festive fun!

Music was also played in the background to really get into the atmosphere.

Nora, who is 99 and also lives at the home, tickled the ivories on the home’s grand piano to get everyone into the festival spirit. She said, “It took me back to my youth!”

Wellbeing Coordinator Jill then held a quiz all about Glastonbury and Residents were very knowledgeable, knowing most of the answers. Some of the questions were ‘What is the name of the somerset farm where the festival takes place?’ ‘How much did a ticket cost in 1970 for the festival?’ And ‘How much do you think it costs now?’

All involved shared memories of the years gone by of Glastonbury, and all agreed that they would all like to go to Glastonbury today.

Jill said, “What a lovely idea it was, and you could see how much the Residents were enjoying it. It was nice to see the Residents enjoying themselves and swaying to the music.”

Julia Heneker, Home Manager, added, “The annual Glastonbury Festival is a personal favourite of mine and to bring it to life at Gittisham Hill House for all to enjoy was wonderful.”

“When you think how the festival has evolved over the years the Residents were able to share their own stories of enjoying the festival back in the 50’s and 60’s and the fun escapades they got up to!  I’m not sure who enjoyed the stories the most; the Residents or staff!”